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Rave Reviews

"Your use of the pre-conference questionnaire was very helpful to focus on the concerns of the audience. We have received many requests for your name for other speaking opportunities, which supports the overall response to your program!"

Donna Skurzak, Visiting Nurses Association

"Your program was an excellent start to our nursing symposium. The group dynamics were incredible and responses to the evaluations were wonderful! It was great to see so many people laughing and sharing during the day. I personally think choosing you as the opening keynote speaker was one of the best gifts I have given the nurses of the Lake Hospital Systems, Inc. Keep up the positive sharing! "

Marilyn Lottman, R.N., Lake Hospital Systems, Inc.

"You received excellent reviews on your closing keynote at our National Association for Home Care Conference. Here is a sample of what people had to say: 'Great closing speaker' and 'His statements were memorable, profound and quotable.' Your upbeat program was a perfect way to end our conference!"

Jennifer Sirak, National Association for Home Care

Your program, How to Reward Employees, was a big hit at our managers meeting! Everyone left the meeting with smiles and practical tips on rewarding our hard-working employees.

Frank Sotet III, Marriott Hotels

Thank you for delivering a stellar performance! The evaluations confirmed what I already knew -- you would get our conference off to an upbeat and entertaining start! We are glad we chose you as our opening keynote speaker!

Mary Pebley, American Business Women Association

Thank you for presenting both a keynote speech and breakout session at our annual conference. You received wonderful remarks on the evaluations! Here are some of the words and phrases people used to describe you: superior, awesome, excellent, humorous, outstanding, great opener and grand speaker. I believe your efforts to get specific information about the audience was helpful to discuss our specific needs. Thank you again!

Sandra Stelmach, Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals

Thank you for speaking at our stress management seminar. The title of your program, Don't Crack up from Stress, Crack up from Laughter, reminded us we need to take ourselves slightly. We enjoyed the interactive activities! We walked away with a smile and a healthier attitude.

Carlos Molina, US Bank

"Thanks for closing the National Student Assistance Conference in such a delightful way. Your relaxed style and important message was a wonderful way to send those attending the conference on their way back to their day-to-day lives working with kids."

Steven Hicks, National Association for Leadership for Student Assistance Programs